Elevated Shepherd's Pie

This vegan casserole is a family favorite. Super savory and great to make ahead for the work week.

The "meat" is actually stewed lentils. However today I also added Impossible burger, because it was in the fridge and needed to be eaten. That's my favorite part about a casserole. Use what you have!

First, cook your lentils. Keep in mind you'll bake them later, so don't over cook. I made mine in the Instant Pot and seasoned with cumin, garlic, and soy sauce.

Lay your lentils in a 13x9 pan once cooked. Mine were a bit overdone here, but still tasty. 
Next, sauté your veggies. Use what you have! I had diced carrot, onion, corn, and shredded cabbage. l seasoned with salt, garlic and black pepper.

Once cooked, layer it on top of your lentils and then add your Impossible burger or Beyond beef if you so choose. I seasoned mine with liquid aminos, garlic, maple syrup, and vegan worcestershire sauce. Once caramelized to my liking, I tossed that on top of my veggies.

Now for the potatoes (or in today's case, mashed potato and rutabaga). I cooked both in my Instant pot, about 15min, and then mashed together.  I added black salt, pepper, garlic, oat milk, and a bit of olive oil.  Then, layered on top!

Last step is the breading. You could stop here, but why? Use your favorite cornbread or biscuit mix and carefully cover the top. Today I used cornbread.

Then, bake according to your cornbread recipe, or 350F for 30-40min.

Allow to sit and cool about 10min before serving.