"Cheesy" protein packed pasta and veggies

My kids LOVE cheese. I don't prevent them from eating it, but I try my best to provide alternatives.

This is a simple dish I literally made in less than 15 minutes at 7am.

The details:
1. Boil the pasta per box directions, drain and set aside.
2. Using the same pot, pour in approx 1.5 cu of milk (I used soy). Add 1-2 tbsp chopped garlic, a generous amount of fresh cracked pepper, a few dashes of paprika, 1/4 cu nutritional yeast, 1 boullion cube, and salt to taste. Stir and heat on medium.
3. Add frozen or fresh veggies of choice, stir regularly until warmed.
4. Add pasta back in and toss to distribute sauce.

I served this with a small side salad for the kids and as a side to a large salad for hubby and I.