Two different days, 2 different bowls

Vegan-ish meal prepping and tossing

My favorite version of meal prepping involves a sheet pan and a rainbow of veggies with different textures and flavors. Every week I open my misfit box, prep my veggies and toss as much as I can into my sheet pan. Paired with a tub of hummus and a cooked grain, dinner is unstoppable!  Every night is different yet similar. Every night is healthy.

Quinoa, hummus, roasted beets, sweet potato, chopped kale tossed in vinagarette, dried fruit, seeds and candied pecans

Quinoa, BBQ tofu, roasted broccoli, fresh avocado, and stewed kale with spinach in a BBQ reduction

The how to's

Quinoa - I prefer the Instant Pot for this task. Make sure to rinse your quinoa well, then put in the pot with a 2/1 (water/quinoa) ratio. Place on Manual 1 minute, NPR 12 min.

Roasted veggies - 
Season veggie to preference with light salt, garlic, herbs, etc. Toss lightly in oil and place on your sheet pan at 350-425F, cooking 20-45min.   You might need to pull some veggies off half way and continue the rest. 

BBQ tofu - take your block of frozen tofu, place it in a hand towel or a few paper towels and squeeze excess water out. Dice into cubes and sit on the counter until it comes to room temperature. Then, oil your pan. I use coconut or olive oil. Then, place the tofu and leave it alone. Do no move the tofu until it releases itself from the pan. This is a test of your patience! Those who wait don't have tofu stuck to their pan!! Flip until all sides are carmelized, turn heat off and drench in BBQ sauce (or sauce of your choice).

Greens in a BBQ reduction - use any greens you have. I love using the tops of my beets, collards, kale, and spinach. This week I used kale and spinach. After my tofu was prepared, I used the same pan still covered in BBQ sauce. I added 1 cu warm water, 2 vegan boullion cubes, and garlic. With the pan on medium, I sauteed my kale and once wilted, added spinach. The process takes less than 10min.


- Cook 4-6 nights of rice, quinoa, or pasta at once.

- Keep seasoning simple. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting bland food. I'm just saying to keep in mind that if you want versatile meals, your base should be simple. 

- Don't over cook. Remember, you're reheating the next day so if you like your veggies crunchy, leave a bit of wiggle room for the microwave process.

- Don't be afraid of sauces. In my second bowl, pictured above, I tossed my seared tofu in bbq sauce. I could have just as easily tossed in hot sauce, Indian simmer sauce, or General Tso's.

- Get creative with textures and temperatures. Cold roasted beets pair wonderfully with warm quinoa. Crunchy kale is divine next to a soft sweet potato.