Multi-tasking: Walking while working

I work virtually and have done so for nearly 8 years. Within my first year of working from home I gained over 15 lbs. I went from teaching on my feet all day to sitting on my rump 10-12 hours a day. And the gym? Not in my vocabulary.

Fast forward a few years, I had my son and surprise! I gained more weight. That was it! I needed to make a change and come up with a plan. So I started to research treadmill desks and my sweet husband built my first desk using an old treadmill from Craigslist and some plywood. In theory, it was great! However traditional treadmills aren't geared correctly to move at a walking pace all day long and quickly I realized that the treadmill would not last. After about 45 minutes of using the treadmill each day it would come to a sudden stop, catapulting me into the desk.  Ouch!

So, back to the drawing board we went and decided to purchase a treadmill desk from Lifespan fitness.  I started walking 2-3 hours per day and then moved up to 8-10 hours per day thanks in part to a tailbone injury.

While I am not the picture of health by any means, I can certainly attest that my walking desk has saved me from gaining additional weight and potentially added years to my life through daily activity.  I've gone through 2 pregnancies and lost nearly 50 lbs between the two of them with nearly no change in diet. Not to mention, my endurance has really increased.

If you work from home, want to multitask while watching tv or while gaming, I highly recommend giving this treadmill a try. What's to lose?!

Want to learn more about Lifespan's Treadmill desk? There are several options. I chose the TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk