Family theater room: demo & starting to rebuild

This room began as a porch sometime in the 50's, then was converted to a sun room, with no a/c sometime in the 80's. We moved in 4 years ago and removed carpet, put in a/c vents, removed the wood ceiling, added insulation, dry walled, added a closet, installed wafer lights, and so much more. Here's a quick visual rundown of our demo and start of our rebuild:

 Ceiling gone - old insulation is everywhere!

Guest appearance! Brad from Jillibee's Apiary.

Danley re-routed wiring to add 2 ceiling fans and prep for the wafer lights.
It's hot in Florida! YES PLEASE on insulation & drywall!

Vinyl floors are installed, ceiling is dry walled & textured with knockdown. Hot tip: do texture AFTER drywalling the walls.

Prepping for drywall on the walls. First: studs, then insulation. 

Drywall is nearly complete

Wafer lights coming in

Room is coming together. View with the new closets covering the old window.