Last week we kicked off this project by going over the planning and preparation stage for a project like this. This is no tiny project for a busy family with jobs and 2 kids, but as long take as our expectations are in check we'll maintain sanity and get this done!

Now, we have completed our Framing, Electrical, and basic hardware installation.

Next week, you'll see the ceiling lighting completed, and MAYBE some drywall! We're planning in time for snags, and will try our best not to get frustrated by project delays 🤪.

'Mission Critical' for this phase:
GRK Fasteners
Johnson Hardware pocket door
Franklin Sensors stud finder
RYOBI Tools Hammer Drill, Driver

We'll talk in more detail next week about why we selected the Ikea Pax system, show off the lighting, and talk about newbie drywall techniques.

See ya!