Welcome to the Tommasini family page!

We are a busy family of four, like many of you out there. We have jobs, activities, & extracurriculars. We bought an old house on a lake a few years ago, and it's been a labor of love ever since! The 'Money Pit' movie comes to mind, but we have come to realize that this place, our home & family IS our hobby! Construction, Outdoors, Technology, Cooking....no, we CAN'T really pick a single hobby. Do we care? Not really 😁

Here you will find out how we accomplish a lot of our projects DIY-style, and when we decide to call in reinforcements.

We do have a few standards (not quite rules):

  • This is our house. We do this together! If something is vetoed by any of us, we just don't do it. It's about respect.
  • We discuss projects for at least six months (slightly facetious there) before getting started. Usually one of us drops an idea and let's it simmer for a while. We generally have 3-4 projects in planning at any one time. Planning is part of the fun for us.
  • We all participate. Not all participation is the same - we all have our strengths. When the work gets unsafe, one of the adults might hold back the monsters while the other makes progress on something hazardous that needs doing. But that is work and it counts.

We hope you find something you are interested in doing. If nothing else, maybe you find the inspiration to start that project you have always secretly wanted to do 🙂

- The Tommasini Family